Work Smarter With Vista's New Productivity Tools

27/07/2010 15:19



"The built-in Windows Vista useful tools that can help you recover lost files, the processing of your network, meeting, and more contain many new items. Street, gadgets, small, some more useful easily ignored. Here are the new image features, I found that very beautiful." Look at page blog and news website, it's clear that many community has stronger robustness and desire, intelligent people who want to make a great contribution. But until recently, the only way to most websites (especially blog) allows users to share their ideas, it is through the work is good, but certainly not always perfect. Grogger) is a new kind of services to help site into the community's knowledge, allows you to set up a website, including the post by you and your audience.

Its core is an easy to use blog Grogger platform, but not only expose the editing tool to a website administrator, they show you. When a user to your site and write a Grogger (called), you can directly send it to your blog, or add to a moderation queue, your website administrator can be approved.Office 2007 is so powerful.

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