Talking about Two Boot Managers when Dual-Booting Windows Vista & XP

31/07/2010 14:20



When the Dual Booting - two boot manager Windows vista and XP

Well, I must say that two boot manager's pain. I will make this change my XP/Vista notebook when I go home!

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Robert McLaws: FunWithCoding network - total version: two boot manager in the Dual Booting Windows Vi. -

One of my biggest pet peeve about dual booting - with Windows Vista beta - 1 is the fact that I can always get two boot manager, if I want to start Windows XP. Obviously I'm not the only one, because it has been confirmed by other beta in 50 times the linker. A game testing Waresoft figured out a solution to this problem.

This assumes you have two or more parts. Windows XP is mapped to the partition, drive C and Windows Vista beta - 1 is based on the partition 2, it is you want to drive the mapping.

Copying Windows System32 winload x \ Windows \ c j, System32 exe x drive Windows Vista beta - 1 installation.

C: \ on. Open and joined the ini USENEWLOADER "/" switch to the Windows XP (more (0) (0) rdisk (0) partition (1), Windows) in "operating system) [."

When you reboot, you should just get a boot manager.

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