New Internet Explorer 7 Logo!

31/07/2010 14:19



Hope you far from our posts, many new features and work into IE 7. As the update our icon, refreshing, our logo. We think that it is a more fundamental difference from our current trademark blue "e", but the ring is very familiar to identify and users of election, so we make more subtle changes.

As you can see, the new "e", have more modern looks a little black icon, outstanding with different backgrounds. We like the golden ring, but also because it will bring new energy, it helps the old than icon.

This icon and word processing in this version of Windows xp is incompatable with sp2 IE 7, 2003, and see the server sp1 version. We will have a slightly different search Windows Vista ® version, and a more accord with icon. We are not very good, but we will share our ever do.

We are pleased that the result how, I hope you like the new look.

Now, if you want to share a Pandora radio or a friend, you must send E-mail to them. The last time I checked, it is not in 1994. Tonight, Pandora was joined in the 21st century's simple ways to share the radio and songs, masks. And it further emphasize a characteristic, nobody seems to be aware of the gifting Pandora. :

Pandora's main broadcast page, you will see a new button next to traditional playback. These include beautiful button, facebook button, a E-mail button and a gift "button. Click on any one allows you to send current radio or current song you listen to the respective service.Office 2007 is so powerful.

"It is not the apple. But it is a picture, 1990, this apple, a pen, never known to launch the project apple. As long as we can tell no other place this device image on the Internet, seldom mention it.

This pen, mike is a fully functional apple computer (even in Mac start-up) and a pen on screen. In the window itself is the same, but in Mac lightweight pen. Of course, this case many less portable. Mac This pen is mike supposedly not more than an inch thick. Users can insert a keyboard and mouse or a simple input.

This pen is holding the apple, attractive Arora samir chief executive told me about this equipment in two weeks after dinner. Arora in apple's project, and finally to the spinout company, huarui technology is applied pen mike. Finally into NetObjects huarui science and technology.

This pen by Mac Paul mercer, but ultimately abandoned Newton. Then John Sculley apple chief executives to PDA, not tablets. From 2006, the New York times article.