Leftist Intelligentsia Dementia2

30/07/2010 14:13



The best works and the best of their professions greatly benefit,as does the rest of society.But to the leftist intelligentsia,this is a threat.

The comparable worth doctrine embodies the leftist intelligentsia’s posture to capitalism.The idea that remuneration should be set to compensate for the work(or education)that went into producing them is inherently compelling to the Left--just as its inefficiency is inherently clear to the broader population.Capitalism does this--only as the result of free competition between producers seeking consumers,not as a matter of guarantee.Where comparable worth is reward without risk,capitalism balances risk and reward.

The leftist intelligentsia’s professed interest in selflessness,through its myriad of causes,is no more than their own self-interest.They seek their aggrandizement on one hand and staving off their diminution on the other.Before we take their causes at face value,we should first recognize both their ultimate interest and goal.

Their goal is not the piecemeal reform of capitalism but the piecemeal dismantling of a system they despise and fear.Many people likeMicrosoft Office.

The leftist intelligentsia reject capitalism’s premise(collective wisdom over selective wisdom),its process(individuals’free choice),and its products(unplanned and ever-changing).But in the final analysis they reject capitalism’s refusal to enthrone them and its ability to excel without them.

As for remakes,here again,Hollywood shows its modern penchant for mediocrity.Rather than try the reader's patience with the movie industry's recent mundane efforts,I'll list all the upcoming"new"ones to be avoided:Guys and Dolls,Arthur,Straw Dogs,Red Dawn,Barbarella,and True Grit.Steven Spielberg is even redoing Jimmy Stewart's whimsical 1950 comedy Harvey.I think the whimsy will be lost in the translation.

As Dorothy Parker once wickedly said,"The only'ism Hollywood believes in is plagiarism."