Leftist Intelligentsia Dementia1

30/07/2010 14:13



Repelled by capitalism,liberal intellectuals are drawn to economic systems run by dictate.In command economies,they imagine themselves being the ones giving the commands.To their minds,this is their rightful place.

Interestingly,their presumption has been prescient in the command economy’s most extreme form.Despite Marxism’s rhetorical elevation of the worker and the masses,communism in reality has been dominated,since Marx himself,by leftist intellectuals claiming to speak for workers.

The leftist intelligentsia is not only drawn to non-capitalist systems in search of advancement.They also seek escape from the threat capitalism poses them.Office 2007makes life great!

Liberal intellectuals have imagined themselves immune from the increased productivity capitalism has injected into every other sector of society.Believing in a separation by superiority,they saw the demands for enhanced efficiency as not pertaining to them.A musician,a teacher,a doctor,an artist,a writer,could only personally serve so many.As the population expanded,their numbers had to expand at least proportionally,right?Wrong.

Works once limited to in-person,or at least limited,consumption can now be distributed on a vast scale.The same productivity that has been applied to other occupations now extends to intellectual endeavors and professions as well.We can hear a symphony played flawlessly in our homes through a variety of media and never have need for a live musician beyond the initial performance.