Leftist Intelligentsia Dementia

30/07/2010 14:12



The Copenhagen Climate summit demonstrated once again the leftist intelligentsia's visceral anti-capitalism.First from global cooling then to global warming and now to climate change,like elitist bloodhounds they follow the trail relentlessly through tangled inconsistencies in hope of catching their prey.And the scent remains strong:the capitalist system.

If you had a hard time getting your noggin around Copenhagen,don't worry.It is just the latest anti-capitalist thrust from liberal intellectuals.The next opportunity will come around soon enough.Their cavalcade of causes revolves like a carousel--the Green Movement,the living wage,animal rights--virtually every one an attempt to deny individuals'right to determine outcomes through free choice.The quarry never changes,only the backdrop to the chase.Office 2007 Professionalis very good!

Why does the leftist intelligentsia hate capitalism so much?It is a triumph of instinct over insight.
Capitalism rests on the collective wisdom of society exercised in free exchanges.It relies on markets--not experts--for its decision-making.The collective wisdom of all,freely participating in markets,will determine optimal outcomes--price,amount,timing,and location.

In short,quantity produces what self-styled"quality”can not.Capitalism’s anonymous multiplicity produces information,expressed in prices,which directs the system.

In capitalism’s creative chaos,the leftist intelligentsia sees only chaos.And only a limited role for themselves.

Therein lies the leftist intelligentsia’s first falling out with capitalism.They envision themselves a privileged group.Self-seen as the most capable,they find their elitist birthright frustrated by capitalism’s egalitarianism.