How to get glass to show up on Windows Vista Beta 1

31/07/2010 14:19



I am often asked one question is "hey, the hardware runtime vision?" . Working experience in Microsoft daily, the answer is always a puzzle, according to the problems, establish the hardware window, you installed, you can get your driver.

But in the real world, who are using Windows Vista beta - 1, I can provide more guidance.

In the test, you first need 1 LDDM is a driver. (you can learn more about LDDM input "LDDM WinHEC" your favorite, find a team - box on the slide mode.) new DirectX Other requirements, you need to support the graphical portion of the whole DX9 API, you still need a lot of memory allocation of graphics.

The real challenge is people encounter right graphics card. Fortunately, the insurance nVidia respectively on page stick, lists of card, usable driver.Microsoft Office is my best friend.

But the driver

NVidia driver

If you install the Windows Vista beta - 1 on one computer parts of a listed company, the listed drivers, you will see the glass! "

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