Hi-Res pics of Windows Server 2008 Box and Logo

27/07/2010 15:19


Hi-Res pics of Windows Server 2008 Box and Logo

I yesterday released a picture of the Windows Server 2008 product box, at first glance, but a bit vague. This is a better picture, after.

Enterprise edition Windows Server 2008

Note is a new slogan: "easy-to-use server operation system."

Every enterprise with time. At this moment, when you are an annoying problems - a problem to solve, you will spend the synapses, suddenly a fire in your mind.Microsoft Office is my best friend.

"Holy crap, if I want to spend money to solve this problem, then others. There is a business!" .

It's that moment has played a million business and billions of dollars in the past decades. On Sunday night, not for the first time, I smiled that my career, I experienced it.

Sharing is a big contribution of many web traffic. Although masks and singing transmission sharing than any other service, Google tries to and buss, this is part of the now, but must be connected to the third, through Google reader blog posts. In the past few months, according to AddThis Google reader, 35%, and a big jump on February 9th day by buss. The only measure, through AddThis button, share in more than 60 million website, let you choose to share content through more than 200 service. So this is just a proxy, Google reader total share, but a decent man.

Google reader managed to register, masks, compared with 31%, 8% of sharing, through the AddThis respectively. Buss is to give it a promotion.